Monday, January 18, 2016

Stuff I've been up to.

Holy cow, it's been forever since I posted anything here. Sorry to anyone who cares.  Anywho, here's some stuff I've been up to:

There's this portrait drawing of this little cutie I did for a friend of ours. Brown and white pencils with some white acrylic highlights on toned paper. About 5x7".

This cartoon portrait of some trail-running friends was done in Photoshop.

And this sample I did for shits and giggles is a reworking of a previous illustration done for the same reasons. Prismacolor pencil on paper for the line work and then digital color applied in ArtRage and Photoshop. Yes, that is an iRobot.

Lastly, this comp drawing was done in Photoshop for a script pitch I'm doing this week. As soon as I have it finished I'll post the pitch video.

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