Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Holy cow, has it been a long time since I posted here. See what happens when the studio is hoppin' with work?

I've been cranking out books for Penguin/Random House. I'll be starting my 10th book for them this month, a book about the Brooklyn Bridge, which has a nice tie-in with Pittsburgh. Roebling, the guy who invented wound steel cable, is from the Burgh. That's 10 books in a year and a half with 80 illustrations per book. You do the math, but it means I've been plenty busy. Especially since I've also been working my usual advertising work in around them.

You can see my kids history books here:

Recently I took the time to set up a Fine Arts America site so that folks can order prints of the art that I post to Facebook and here.

Ok, enough words, time for some art.

 This is one of the illustrations from the bio of Stan Lee I illustrated. All Pshop.

 Brrrr, yeah, it's still winter. This was a client's Christmas card. All digital, Pshop and ArtRage.

 My Christmas card for 2014. Digital, Pshop and ArtRage (the best digital oil brushes going).

 Cartoon characters for my friend's upcoming Hash run. Pshop.

 A colorized sketchbook drawing. Fountain pen line work on brown paper with color added by ArtRage and Pshop.

Stay warm!

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