Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Whew, you know that old axiom that if you want something done give it to the busy person? Well, don't. Just kidding, my schedule is finally cleared up. So, got work?

Finished up 80 illustrations for a book about the Galapagos Islands for Penguin Random House. Now I can draw tortoises in my sleep!

Speaking of Penguin Random House, also just finished 80 sketches for a biography of Chuck Jones. Yes, now I can draw animators in my sleep.

Also had the opportunity to do a series of 9 illustrations for Cobblestone Magazine depicting important historical figures from Chicago. Since it's a kids magazine I always have to "youth-enize" the portraits.

A friend discovered this portrait I painted a few years ago. It's hanging in a doctor's office.

And I'm still hoping to find time to get back to this painting.

In the meantime, I've really been enjoying our weekly figure drawing sessions. It's nice to get away from the Wacom tablet and draw from real life.

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