Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Once again, I've derelict in my duties to put some new stuff up here. Let's see what I can find...

This was something I cooked up for promo purposes right about the same time the new Harry Potter book came out. Total coincidence. It's all digital. Photoshop actually.

Spent time working on a new book project for Penguin Random House. This is one of the sketches for Where Are The Galapagos Islands? These are also done in Photoshop.

I painted these 3 little, 5x7", oils for a one day art show, Art In The Garden. Originally they were done as a goof but they were a shitload of fun to paint. I may do more. Anyone want a pet portrait?

I was cruising some singletrack on my cross bike and this little guy came walking right up to me. Can't make this stuff up.

Got plenty of abuse from friends for this modeling job I did. Remember kids, rehab is for quitters.

My adventure friend and her husband pulled up stakes and moved to Tennessee. This was from our last outing, a trail run and then flooded creek float with beer and bourbon.

And, as always, trying to spend as much time as possible in the woods.

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