Friday, January 31, 2014

Geez, it's been a bazillion years since I've added anything here. That's what I get for being crazy-busy in the studio for months on end. So, let's get some new stuff up here:

Just something I did for fun during my spare time. The line work is Prismacolor pencil on paper and all the coloring was done in ArtRage.

An illustration of Marie Curie for the cover of a children's magazine. All Photoshop. Fun but kinda creepy.

In the past couple weeks I had this portrait commission to work on. Oil on canvas, 16x20".

One of the projects keeping me super-busy was a book for Penguin Books, Who Was Bruce Lee?, which needed 80 line illustrations like this one. All Photoshop.

Last, but not least, I'm taking some time in the studio now to finish some of my personal projects. This painting has been sitting for months waiting for me to get back to it. Oil on panel, 12x24". With any luck I can get this finished this week and get started on the next one.

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