Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some better photos of the painting in progress. Took it outside for pics. Now I'm working on the background and a dead pigeon that goes near her feet.

I was reading an interview in the latest issue of JUXTAPOZ between two of my favorite painters, Jeremy Geddes and Ashley Wood and loved this paragraph from Wood:

"I think visual art primarily based on theory and conceit is shit, I have no time for it, but that's me. I believe the intellectual theory idea over image is a backdoor for a basically untalented bullshitter to play at being an artist. But their shit is needed to keep the art machine going; many galleries have to fill their walls with something, I guess."

I couldn't agree more. If you need a "statement" on the wall explaining your visual image you have failed.

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johann said...

uuuuh...quickly removing all my artists statements and intellectual justifications from the walls....phew... that was close. I dont think anyone noticed.