Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I apologize for these being out of order, here is the progress for this illustration.

This was the finished line art, done in Photoshop after scanning my tight pencil rendering seen below. It's so much easier inking in Photoshop, especially if I decide I don't like something - the undo button is a godsend. I decided that a brown ink line would be more in keeping with the old storybook feel they wanted, so I changed the line color to brown in Photoshop.

I took the pencil drawing, scanned it and threw it on top of a parchment layer to get rid of the stark black and white, which I find hard to work with when coloring stuff.

This is the crazy-tight pencil drawing done on parchment. It's big, around 16" square.

This is the crop the client will use. The color is all rendered digitally in ArtRage. I sent them this version, but wanted to see if they liked a more aged feel, so I sent them the version you see in the post below this. Still torn as to which version I like better.

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